A Father's Heart

Christian Counseling • Life Coaching

We offer biblically based counseling and life coaching to people of all ages as well as marriage and pre-marriage counseling

Have you found yourself at a crossroads needing guidance and someone safe to come alongside who will listen, help bring clarity from confusion and hope from the hurting?  We understand that the first step is the hardest.  Whatever your situation, we welcome the opportunity to walk with you on your journey.


"Sharon's insight into the truth of God's Word allows her to offer timely, relevant and thought provoking advice to those she counsels.  Her heart of love and compassion is comforting and allows the Holy Spirit of wisdom and discernment to offer counsel that leads you to seek healing through God's Word and promises.  The peace of God flows through her.  Sharon's guidance has been like medicine to my wounded heart and reminded me that hope and freedom through Jesus Christ is not only for a season, but is eternal."