What's Your Story?
We all have one.  It may not have started out so great, moments characterized by hills and valleys, perhaps a rollercoaster ride of emotions, seasons of pain, sadness, fear, anxiousness, and uncertainty.  At times finding yourself stuck because of what has happen to you or those you love, or maybe you’ve made some not-so-great choices resulting in getting off track, unable to move forward and even writing your own story…  But there is HOPE – Your story is not finished yet!  You have been created with purpose, value, and significance. 
What Clients Are Saying...
“Sharon’s insight into the truth of God’s Word allows her to offer timely, relevant and thought provoking advice to those she counsels.  Her heart of love and compassion is comforting and allows the Holy Spirit of wisdom and discernment to offer counsel that leads you to seek healing through God’s Word and promises.  The peace of God flows through her.  Sharon’s guidance has been like medicine to my wounded heart and reminded me that hope and freedom through Jesus Christ is not only for a season, but is eternal.” 
~AFH Client 
“My family has been so blessed by Sharon and Rob. We believe that the Holy Spirit sent them into our lives in the right season to help to realign us individually and corporately. They don’t just provide traditional counseling but operate under the anointing of the Spirit of Counsel and Wisdom with makes them so unique! We have experienced several counselors in the past and just were unable to connect, however, instantly we felt a connection and received breakthrough in miraculous ways. Transparency, honesty, and love are the hallmarks of the services they provide. We believe there is safety in a multitude of counsel and A Father’s Heart Counseling is definitely a safe place!”  
~AFH Client – marriage and individual counseling.
“Going into premarital counseling we thought we knew each other well. What a blessing this intimate & vulnerable time was for us as a couple. Meeting with Rob and Sharon we learned so much more about each other and ourselves. They gave us tools that helped guide us in better communication. We learned vital details about each other’s personalities so now, when marital issues arise, we both have an outline on how to handle these situations in a healthy manner. We highly recommend meeting with this godly duo for any of your counseling needs!”
~ Ryan & Erica – Pre-marriage counseling